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Bringing Business Value to Tucson, AZ for Over 29 Years

As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of protecting your business and livelihood. At Accura Systems we have more than 100 years of combined experience helping Arizona businesses protect their employees and property. We strive to maintain a lasting relationship with our clients. We want to help local businesses extract as much business value as possible from their offerings, while remaining safe and secure.

For our commercial customers, we have a robust collection of offerings to protect your employees and physical business locations. These include multi-building Security System installations and alarm monitoring, with in-person alarm response.

Fortify Your Business with Accura Systems

– Commercial Fire Alarms

– Commercial Access Control Systems

– Commercial C02 Detection

– Camera Systems

– 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring

– Live Guard Response in Person to Your Alarm 24/7/365

– Can reduce or eliminate charges by police for security system alarm responses

Alarm Option Examples

– Elk M1 Control Panel

– Hardwired and Wireless Door/Window Sensors

– Dual Technology Motion Detectors

– Wireless Key Fob Remote

– Power Supply and 24 Hour Battery

– Window Decals and Sign

– Access Control

Tucson and Southern Arizona continue to rank high nationally for property crime. Law enforcement is strained to the limits and understaffed. Now more than ever, business and property owners need protection. Experienced commercial property owners across Tucson and Southern Arizona are turning to the leader in security systems and security monitoring services, Accura Systems of Tucson.

With our advanced camera systems, you can monitor the outside of your premises, as well as the inside.  With current camera technology, facial recognition, night vision, and imaginary boundaries can be programmed for certain actions.

Protect your business and property from burglary, fire, and theft. You can deter crime, prevent theft, monitor and even increase employee productivity. As a part of securing your business and ensuring its safety, we also install access control systems, fire alarms, and CO2 detection systems. Reach out today to see how Accura Systems can help secure your business.

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