See Live Video of your Home or Business

Accura Systems gives its customers video surveillance solutions that offer more than seeing, recording and reviewing with products and installation techniques that actually help deter crime. Some digital and photo infra-red technologies can early detect and communicate events. Smart phone apps will allow 2- way communication to the camera site stopping the event or crime before it happens!

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High resolution camera networks and high resolution Digital Video Recorders (DVR) help you see what’s happening now in real time or look back at what happened earlier. Track ingress and egress, verify shipments, deter vandalism, check maintenance crews, verify time cards, see who took your sandwich out of the fridge! The possibilities are endless and the technology is here! Call Accura Systems to do a site evaluation and discuss your needs. Find out how effective a camera network can be when you can view it from your Smart Phone wherever you have a wi-fi connection!

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